The arts evoke profound self-discovery, enhancing our ability to serve others, while supporting our own professional and personal development.

Art serves a primary function in our global society: it is through dance, music, story, and image-making that we know who we are and where we belong. It is through the arts that we imagine ourselves fully, make meaning of our experiences, reaching beyond “that which can be measured” to touch “that which can’t be known.”

We perceive, in the current moment of global disarray, a powerful opportunity to identify and create a new, better story of our place in an interconnected world. The role of creativity, heightened awareness, and presence (qualities traditionally cultivated through artistic practices) are increasingly identified as central components of success in both meeting business objectives and supporting personal well-being. We believe the time is ripe to harness these potentials in our work, for ourselves and our clients.

The Program
During the four-day program, we will invite you into an experience of the artistic process, exploring how it can support you in your work, illuminate your path, and give you renewed confidence in your vision.

Writing & poetry, theatre, movement, voice, drawing & painting, architecture & sculpture are among the subjects we will explore, through a combination of experiential activities and conversations.

Please check back for program updates.

The conversation itself begins now, on our blog page. We invite you to join in.

The Setting
Lodging and programs take place at the Chateau de St. Julien, whose history dates from the 12th century.

Those who have felt the mystique of an ancient building will be able to imagine the power this setting will play in our experience. Evocative yet grounding, the old stones carry memories of the building’s history: as a noble family’s home, a nun’s convent, and – at the turn of the 21st century – an artists’ community.

We will be the beneficiaries of this legacy of community and creativity, as we turn our attention to what is unfolding in and among us.


The chateau is sited on a 55-acre walled estate, containing gardens, fields, and forest, in the sleepy village of St. Julien l’Ars, a few kilometers from Poitiers, France. Lodging is in the chateau. Most meals are provided family style in the 18th century dining room.

Return on Experience:

  • Deepen your coaching practice and cultivate industry-leading skills
  • See your business in a new way, identifying opportunities for greater fulfillment and success
  • Form new relationships with international colleagues in a beautiful, relaxing setting
  • Learn techniques for exploring untapped potential and gaining new insights
  • Recharge and reground your creativity
  • Enhance your ability to be present to yourself, and thus more present to your clients

Special Program Features

  • A proven methodology for accessing self-awareness, creativity and inspiration
  • Access to on-line participant learning community, before and after the event
  • Possibility for ICF credit
  • Program facilitation by an international team offered in English and French
  • Lodging and programs on estate of historic château; catered meals from the local markets
  • Excursion to Poitiers, center of extraordinary Romanesque art
  • Optional post-seminar guided excursion to Bordeaux, (or) port city of LaRochelle